Hand Sanitizer Available!


ESSENTIAL OILS added to your hand sanitizer are an OPTION now. $3.00/1-oz.bottle

Bio-GLITTER(Gold, Silver, White, Pink, Purple, Blue, Green) added to your hand sanitizer is an OPTION now. $4.00/1-oz. bottle

Mixa-Fusion is a seller of Handcrafted Infused Simple Syrups. These products are sold to Consumers, Retailers, and Commercial Operations such as Bakeries, Bars, and Restaurants.

Our Handcrafted Infused Simple Syrups are made from Pure Cane Sugar and natural ingredients with no added preservatives, powders, or extracts.

Products are infused slowly to bring the all natural flavors into the syrup. We do not rush the process.

We are currently shipping our products throughout the United States and would love for you to browse our store. These syrups are wonderful to give as gifts, to purchase for yourself, and we can even bottle the syrups in small bottles perfect to act as favors for an upcoming wedding or other event.

Contact Us for More information:

Easy, contactless payment option!
NYS Health & Safety

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